About Us

Bionic Enterprises is a company committed to fast tracking the development and reducing the cost of bringing new, safe and effective medical device products to the market within the next 5 years.  These devices will treat a range of disabling neurological conditions including severe chronic pain, epilepsy and certain psychiatric and movement disorders.


We are focussed on neurobionics – the development of devices that monitor neural activity in the brain, spinal cord, or elsewhere in the body, and/or stimulate nerves electrically for therapeutic applications.  

All devices meet a clear clinical need and address a gap in the market. Most conditions are of relatively high incidence with 10-30% of sufferers poorly treated with existing treatments.

Business Model

The company is located in East Melbourne, providing ready access to research, clinical and commercial partners. The business model leverages the Medical Bionics Platform  to enable the development of products over three stages:

  1. Device design and pre-clinical studies
  2. Small scale clinical trials and
  3. Full scale clinical trials. 

The first two stages will be conducted in conjunction with research and clinical partners.  Stage three will be achieved via spin-out companies.

Bionic Enterprises is a fully owned subsidiary of the Bionics Institute (formerly the Bionic Ear Institute). The Institute, established in 1986, undertakes world-class medical bionics research that leads to clinical and commercial outcomes in three main areas: Bionic Hearing, Bionic Vision and Neurobionics.