Medical Bionic is a multi-disciplinary field of research combining bio(logy) and (electro)nics in order to develop implantable devices designed to provide sensory or motor function following damage to nerve or muscle tissue.  The cochlear implant (bionic ear) is the most sophisticated and successful medical bionic device in use today. 

The Medical Bionics Platform (MBP) comprises the technology and know-how that underpins Australia’s expertise in medical bionics devices. The MBP will be developed through successive, overlapping versions of increasing sophistication and will provide a flexible neurobionic system to produce practical device solutions for a range of chronic medical disorders.

Neurobionics is a sector within medical bionics that aims to develop devices designed to monitor, diagnose and treat a variety or neurological disorders including epileptic seizures, drug resistant psychiatric and movement disorders and chronic pain alleviation.

Neural implants monitor brain activity, detect abnormal activity and prevent its formation by focussed electrical stimulation of the brain. Research into neural implants aims to develop sophisticated bionic devices that can sense changes occurring in the human body and deliver an appropriate treatment automatically. This technology will provide a platform that could be used to develop similar devices for multiple neurological disorders.

Bionic Enterprises is a fully owned subsidiary of the Bionics Institute (formerly the Bionic Ear Institute). The Institute, established in 1986, undertakes world-class medical bionics research that leads to clinical and commercial outcomes in three main areas: Bionic Hearing, Bionic Vision and Neurobionics.

The conference will explore the following themes:

  • Medical Bionics Design, Development & Safety
  • Enabling technologies for medical Bionics: ICT; Smart materials & Smart Biology
  • Electrode-neural interface: Improving the efficacy
  • Drug delivery technology
  • Cochlear implants
  • Bionic Vision
  • Functional Electrical stimulation
  • Neurobionics: recording and stimulation in the central nervous system
  • Blue sky projects