Partners & Collaborators

Bionics Institute

The Bionics Institute is an independent medical research institute undertaking world-class medical bionics research. The Institute is focused on clinical and commercial outcomes in response to the health needs of the community, while providing fundamental knowledge to underpin new advances in medical bionics. Core capabilities include electrode design and prototyping, preclinical studies for safety and efficacy testing, psychophysics studies, electronic- and bio- engineering, multidisciplinary research management, and commercial and clinical partnerships.

Cochlear Limited

Cochlear Limited provides world-leading assistive technology for severely-profoundly hearing impaired adults and children. With more than 250,000 implanted patients worldwide, Cochlear Limited maintains 70% of the world market in auditory prostheses.  Cochlear supports our current research, in particular the research relating to the HMVP Feasibility Study on Deep Brain Stimulation for Refractory Chronic Pain. 

St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

One of the foremost teaching hospitals in Victoria, St Vincent’s Hospital has had a long history of medical research through several research facilities associated with clinical departments throughout the hospital. The Bionics Institute has extensive laboratory space and offices in the Daly Wing. St Vincent’s Hospital is also the main base for research and clinical work related to our Neurobionic research program. Professor Mark Cook is a specialist in epilepsy and other neurological conditions.  Professor Cook and the hospital are key partners in the development of devices focused on the treatment of epilepsy and some psychiatric disorders.