Parkinson's disease and Essential Tremor
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Parkinson's disease and Essential Tremor

Deep Brain Stimulation for movement disorders

An advanced medical bionics device for intractable movement disorders.

Bionic Enterprises aims to develop advanced DBS systems for intractable movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Essential Tremor. 

These devices will offer a number of technical, clinical and cost advantages over existing devices. 

DBS device for PD and Essential Tremor will have the potential to offer many advantages

  • Stimulator package positioned in the temporal bone of the skull to minimise lead migration and fracture, and skin erosion
  • 22 contacts on the electrodes allowing more precise and customised stimulation
  • Current steering reduces side effects and gives finer control and more consistent patient outcomes
  • Greater ease of implantation in a single surgical procedure compared with current technologies
  • Fine diameter electrodes allow for easier insertion
  • Single unit implanted only, no need for additional unit to be implanted into the chest cavity
  • Device is 50% smaller than existing devices
  • Rechargeable battery reduces the need for subsequent additional surgeries, minimises associated surgical risks, puts less pressure on the skin and results in less erosion
  • Reversible procedure
  • Reprogrammable device without the need for further surgery
  • Closed loop control
  • Complete solution including user-friendly evaluation and tuning methods

Current DBS devices have shortcomings

  • Devices are located in the chest cavity which increases the chance of lead migration and fracture, and skin erosion
  • Surgical procedures to the brain, head, neck and chest required
  • Limited control over stimulation options due to the low number of electrodes
  • Large diameter electrodes and stimulator make insertion difficult
  • Wide variations in patient outcomes
  • High failure rate compared to cochlear implants


Certain refractory movement conditions including:

  • Essential Tremor
  • Parkinsons Disease

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