Epikon 1.0
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Epikon 1.0

An integrated system for improved diagnosis of epilepsy

Diagnostic epilepsy device for hospital use.




› Information from MRI and CT scans provides an illustration of the location of implanted electrodes on the patients brain surface (black dots). These electrodes monitor the complex patterns of brain activity and deliver localized therapeutic electrical stimulation (blue dots) when seizure activity is detected (red dots)

Epikon 1.0 system will have the potential to offer many advantages

  • Monitors brain activity with a custom electrode array on the cortex and/or depth electrode in the hippocampus
  • Suppresses seizures with therapeutic stimulation at the focus of the seizure
  • Stimulation for brain mapping
  • Stimulation customised to the patient needs
  • Automatic intracranial EEG labelling software
  • Low cost, easily fitted
  • Custom electrodes for individual patients
  • External, portable stimulator
  • Minimal surgical trauma
  • Wireless download of data
  • Integrated software, long-term data storage, access to database of iEEG research knowledge base

Current treatments have shortcomings

  • No complete system available
  • Onerous interpretation of EEG data
  • Non-standardised collection and dissemination of data
  • Non-standard equipment


Pre-and peri-operative monitoring of refractory epilepsy

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