Epikon 4.0
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Epikon 4.0

Implantable epilepsy device for longer-term personal use.

A ‘smart’ customised, closed-loop device for the prediction, detection and suppression of seizures.


Epikon 4.0 system will have the potential to offer many advantages

  • A complete solution, capable of self-monitoring
  • An implantable design with advanced capability and flexibility which will offer greater quality of life for the patient
  • Single unit implanted, minimising risk of surgical infection
  • Small device with rechargeable batteries reduces the need for subsequent additional surgeries and minimises associated surgical risks
  • The device can be removed if necessary, whereas current surgical resection is permanent
  • Intracranial implantation resulting in lower chance of breakage and lead migration
  • Customised electrodes
  • Customised seizure detection algorithm
  • Customised seizure suppression stimulus
  • Active seizure prediction (probe stimulus)
  • Automatic optimisation and learning algorithms

Current treatments have shortcomings

  • Neuropace device delivers only a 50% reduction in seizures for 50% of patients in a recent clinical trial
  • One size fits all solution, inflexible
  • Vagal Nerve Stimulators less sophisticated


Treatment of refractory epilepsy

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